Fire Retardant For Your Curtains   

Protect your home, family or business from the horror of fire.Fire Retardant 

The Village Dry Cleaners don’t only clean curtains we also offer fire retardant treatments for them as well. 

Fire retardant is a chemical that slows the spread of fire. A quality and professionally applied fire retardant can dramatically slow the spread of fire. 

A simple application of fire retardant could help prevent the spread of fire and ultimately stop your home or business premises from burning down. 

We only use leading fire retardants that are made in Australia and comply with Australian Standards.

Different fabrics require different retardants and our professional staff will identify and apply the right product for each specific situation. 

Applying fire retardants to curtains and drapes is highly recommended in the following areas: 

Child Care Centres
Aged Care or any area where people congregate

Fire Retardant is an investment in safety. 

Contact us today to see how we can help to prevent the risk of fire in your home, business or public area.

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