Leather Cleaning | Suede CleaningLeather and suede cleaning

The Village Dry Cleaners are experts in leather cleaning and suede cleaning, unlike other dry cleaners all work is carried out onsite and we even do work for other dry cleaners that don't have the same expertise as we do.

All leather and suede garments are cleaned with the right cleaning chemicals and then reoiled so the fibres become soft and supple again.

Trust your prized suede and leather garments to a professional suede and leather finisher. 

 are specifically trained in the most modern techniques of leather care. 

There is nothing more exotic and luxurious than your treasured leather and suede garments.

Professional Leather Cleaning and Suede Cleaning is a must.

Leather's comfort, durability and versatility can make it your favorite thing to wear.

With proper leather cleaning and suede cleaning, genuine leather garments can give you MANY years of practical wear and enjoyment.

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